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Brine graduation towers

We want to provide you with fresh air and the opportunity to diversify your everyday leisure space. If you are interested in building a graduation tower and inhaling microelements in your own garden, or on the premises of a company or housing cooperative, please contact us!

Brine inhalations are an extremely simple and healthy way to spend your free time. The construction of graduation towers is also recommended in the case of recurrent diseases and infections of the respiratory tract. Spreading around the walls or gazebos, the so-called natural aerosol, because it contains valuable minerals, including iodine and sodium.

Below we present our projects. They apply to various types of urban spaces, such as parks, housing estates, playgrounds and office surroundings. It is worth knowing that we also make mini salt graduation towers for gardens and hotel interiors, as well as sanatoriums and health resorts. All of them are characterized by a durable, well-thought-out structure, which we adjust to the given facility, its size and the needs of individual customers.

Our implementation of a mobile graduation tower,
which Jurek Owsiak talks about at the Pol'and'Rock Festival

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