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Mobile graduation tower at the Pol'and'Rock Festival 2021 at Makowice Airport.

The date of the festival is July 29, 2021. – July 31, 2021

  1. The mobile graduation tower is designed to be transported to the venue of the event.\

  2. Loading and unloading is to be carried out using equipment with a lifting capacity of at least 2.5 tons.

  3. Power supply by plugging the plug into a 220kV socket.

  4. After setting the graduation towers in a fixed place, fill the tank with brine (the tank is located directly under the graduation tower).

  5. Steel construction (skeleton), casing of the lower tank made of spruce wood, protected with impregnation in the selected color.

  6. Birch twigs arranged vertically in a cascade, brine flows over them in a closed circuit.

  7. In the side walls of the graduation towers, nozzles are installed on both sides, from which brine mist is released under pressure every 10 minutes for 4 minutes.

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