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Brine Mist Emitters 

Modern brine mist emitter - geyser


  1. The brine geyser consists of an above-ground and underground part.

  2. The ground part is a diffuser in any shape (e.g. a sphere with a diameter of 70 cm, a dragon, a troll and others), brine mist is released under pressure through holes in the concrete walls of the geyser. It is a form of inhalation, e.g. in a garden or public space.

  3. In the ground near the geyser there is a technological chamber with a brine aerosol generator. The ultrasonic generator produces
    mist from the brine, which is ejected under pressure according to the time set by the Investor, e.g. every 10 minutes for one, two or three minutes.

  4. The geyser is turned on and off by a timer.


Classic brine mist emitter - geyser


  1. The brine geyser has a ground-only part in the form of a barrel or a cuboid made of wood, which houses a salt aerosol generator with a brine tank with a capacity of 15 years

  2. The principle of operation is analogous to the modern housing - additionally, a birch twig pole protrudes from the housing, from which brine mist is released under pressure.

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