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Two simple graduation towers with blackthorn plum in two locations - Warsaw Wesoła

Completion of the investment: May 27, 2021

1. Wooden structures of graduation towers made of C24 class spruce wood. 2. Dimensions of the larger graduation tower: ridge height 3.65 m, length 6.00 m, width 1.30 m. 3. Dimensions of the smaller graduation tower: height 3.00 m, length 3.00 m, width 1.30 m. 4. Roofing of the greater graduation tower - the roof structure is covered with boards arranged horizontally, cascading one on top of the other; on one slope of the roof, along the entire length, at a height of 50 cm from the ridge, there are opening service hatches for maintenance and cleaning of downfall troughs, main trough and valves for regulating the smooth flow of brine to the brine graduation tower. 5. Roofing of the smaller graduation tower - flat roof structure, boarding with tongue and groove boards, graduation tower placed under a wooden gazebo.

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