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Two arch graduation towers with pergolas in Wołczyn

Grand opening on October 17, 2021.

1. The wooden structure of the graduation tower, pergola and educational pavilion - arched, made of C24 class spruce wood with a ridge height of 5.62 m. 2. The length of the arch graduation tower is about 16 m. 3. Roofing of the brine graduation tower - flat roof structure. 4. Additionally, a concrete basin of the halophyte garden. 5. Halophytes - in other words, salt plants, salt-loving plants, salt flat plants, halophilic plants - plants adapted, thanks to their resistance to salinity, to develop on a highly saline substrate (with a high concentration of easily soluble salts: sodium and magnesium chlorides, carbonates and sulfates). This adaptation consists in the production of high osmotic pressure of the cell sap, the accumulation of water in the fleshy organs, the ability to excrete excess salt with the help of secretory glands on the leaves and stems.

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