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Round brine graduation tower in Dąbrowa Tarnowska

Investment completion date : 07.04.2023

1. External graduation tower with ground technology. The structure of the graduation towers is made of C24 class spruce wood with a total height of 3.5 m, including the tank.

2. Sloe plum arranged horizontally, trimmed with a specialized machine that gives it an even surface, which guarantees that the brine drips down the blackthorn and does not splash outside its wall.

3. Ground technology - a square tank with a side of 4.0 m and a height of 0.5 m made of fiberglass, placed under the structure. The drip plate masking the tank is made of a composite board.

4. Lighting from a waterproof LED strip along the upper entire length in a circle.

5. Decorative finishes - stainless steel openwork.

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