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Graduation tower with ground technology in Poddębice

Investment completion date : 30.12.2022

1. External graduation tower with ground technology. The structure of the graduation towers is made of C24 class spruce wood with a total height of 3.0 m, including the tank.

2. Sloe plum arranged horizontally, trimmed with a specialized machine that gives it an even surface on both sides, which guarantees that the brine drips down the blackthorn, and does not splash outside its wall.

3. Ground technology - a tank with dimensions of 4.0 m x 2.5 m x 0.5 m made of polyester-glass laminate with a wooden housing made of spruce wood.

4. Flat roof covered with boards, flashing on the sides, entirely covered with thermally weldable roofing felt.

5. Waterproof LED strip lighting on both sides of the graduation tower.

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